Service Area and Geographical Description

Service Area and Geographical Description

Morogoro Municipality is located in Morogoro Region, about 200 km to the west of Dar es Salaam.  It is situated on the lower slopes of Uluguru Mountains. Morogoro Municipality lies between latitudes 4O49’ and 6O south of the Equator, and between longitudes 37O4’ and 38O east of the Greenwich Meridian; and is bounded by the Uluguru mountains in the South, Mindu mountain in the West, Mvomero District in the North and Morogoro Rural District in the East.

Morogoro Region covers an area of about 72,939 km2 whereas the Municipality covers an area of about 531 km2. Morogoro Municipality is the regional headquarters of Morogoro Region, and includes 19 wards. According to 2012 Census results the Municipality had a total population of 315,866 with an average growth rate of 4.7%.  It is now estimated at 397,408.

The total average annual rainfall ranges between 821 and 1,050 mm. The rainy season prevails during November through May. The maximum rainfall is in April, while the minimum is in July and August. The highest temperature occurs in November and December, reaching about 33OC, whereas the minimum are in August and September going down to about 16 OC. The relative humidity is about 66% and it drops down to 37%.

Most of the people within the Municipality are engaged in several economic activities for their livelihood. According to the social and economic report study which was done by Seureca Veolia it was revealed that business accounts as the main prevailing economic activity (48.8%). Furthermore, 15% of both men and women are engaged in subsistence farming while 10% are unemployed and looking for jobs. It was also revealed that 96% of adults own a radio or TV; 88.8% own cellular phones; 72.4% own refrigerators; 50.9% own houses; 12.7% own motorcycles and 4.4% own cars. These are indicators of their wealth and the results show their ability to afford to pay for the water supply and sewerage services.

Table 2.2 presents projected population and water demand for Morogoro Municipality. Based on 2012 census, the population of Morogoro Municipality is estimated to be 397,408 with a growth rate of 4.7%. And, accordingly, the estimated water demand for the Municipality is 59,260 m3 per day (Seureca Veolia, 2017). By the year 2025, the population and water demand of Morogoro Municipality are expected to be 573,865 people and 82,650 m3 per day respectively . Likewise, most stakeholders consider the future demand for sewerage services to increase significantly. Thus, there is high future demand for water and sanitation services in Morogoro Municipality due to population increase and MORUWASA needs to prepare early enough to respond with its services

See the AAW Consultant report of 2010 available at MORUWASA

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Domestic demand




Non-domestic demand (m3/day)




Total demand




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Gross water Demand