Our Mission and Vision


The BP is aligned with and implements the strategic future direction of MORUWASA as encapsulated in its statements of vision, mission, core values and strategic objectives.


MORUWASA’s vision is

To become a leading provider of quality and sustainable water and sanitation services in Tanzania.

The Authority seeks to radically improve the availability of reliable and sufficient water and sanitation services in Morogoro Municipality, responding swiftly to the rapidly expanding demand for such services and growing challenges in accessing adequate financial resources for investment in the required infrastructure.

Key indicator targets for the Vision are by 2025:

  • MORUWASA is able to respond to the industrialization needs for water and sewerage services in Morogoro Municipality.
  • At least 80% of water needs of institutions (universities, etc.) and industries met reliably.
  • MORUWASA has a strong delivery capacity.
  • NRW reduced to below 30%.
  • Collections’ efficiency raised to at least 97%.
  • Sewerage system coverage increased from 5.01% to about 6.09%.
  • Population with access clean water reached 96%
  • MORUWASA becomes the best ranked UWSSA



In line with its establishing legal instruments, MORUWASA’s mission is

To provide clean, safe and sustainable water supply and sanitation services for the social – economic development of Morogoro Municipality.

Core Values

The core values that guide the Board Members, Management and stakeholders of carrying out in implementing the strategic plan, business plan and operations of the Authority are, in general:

  • Excellence - MORUWASA strives to achieve the best for its community, its organization and its people, by driving ongoing accountability, empowerment and capability.


  • Integrity - Integrity underpins every decision and action taken by MORUWASA to ensure the organization is trusted and respected by stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • Teamwork - MORUWASA fosters an environment to collaboration, support and mutual respect, ensuring individuals and teamwork together effectively to achieve results.


  • Innovation - MORUWASA strives to maintain a work environment conducive to change and flexibility, ensuring capability of meeting evolving expectations and environments.
  • Engagement - MORUWASA involves and engages with stakeholders in the community to build lasting relationships (that provide mutual value).


  • Transparency - MORUWASA strives to ensure that all its activities, operations and decisions are done as transparently as possible.
  • Equality – MORUWASA ensures equal opportunity and non-discrimination on the basis of personal, ethnic, religious, gender or other social characteristics





Strategic Objectives

In line with its vision and mission, MORUWASA’s Strategic Plan (2018/19 – 2023/24) pursues the following SEVEN (7) strategic objectives which form the fundamental strategic framework for this BP.

  • Strategic Objective1:              Improved HIV/AIDS care and supportive services and Infection Reduced by June 2022
  • Strategic Objective2:              Enhanced and sustained sustain effective implementation of National Anti-Corruption Strategy by June 2022
  • Strategic Objective 3:             Increased universal access to adequate, safe and clean water from 74.29% to 95% of the Municipal population by 2023/2024
  • Strategic Objective4:              Increased access to universal sewerage services increased from 5.01% to 15% by 2023/2024
  • Strategic Objective 5:             Enhanced stakeholders’ management for visibility, public goodwill and support by June 2024
  • Strategic Objective 6:             Enhanced market and commercial performance by June 2024
  • Strategic Objective 7:             Enhanced institutional capacity for effective service delivery by June 2024